Fermented krill bait recipe

I love krill as an ingredient, I consider it a super food and one of the best attractors for big carp.

In this recipe I will explain how to make excellent boilie with 30% of krill also fermented. I'll explain the process to easily ferment it at home to reach levels of taste unthinkable for simple flour.

Let's start with making the fermented sauce, the ingredients are these:

500 grams of good quality Krill flour.

a liter of organic apple cider vinegar.

100 grams of whole sea salt.


A container that can comfortably contain the ingredients, preferably made of glass.

You will need about a month for the fermented sauce to be ripe and ready, with maximum intensity of flavor and aroma.

dilute the 500 grams of Krill flour in the liter of organic vinegar, mixing well and avoiding lumps.


use an electric mixer to mix well.

Let it rest for 2-3 days with an optimal room temperature of 30 degrees celsius.

after 3 days add 100 grams of sea salt and mix the mixture well.

then let it mature for another 20-30 days at an ambient temperature never lower than 20 degrees celsius. Slowly open the jar every 3-4 days to release the gas and close again immediately.


The product will not have an unpleasant smell, the salt stabilizes everything and prevents rot, as occurs in the production of soy sauce.

At this point the liquid part is ready, you can use it or keep it for a few months in a cool dark place.


Let's now see the recipe for the mix.

  • 50% CLO
  • 20% Krill meal
  • 10% salmon meal
  • 10% maize protein (super gold)
  • 10% skimmed milk powder

a simple bird food mix with a high inclusion of Krill with the taste and fatty acids of salmon to reinforce both in nutritional and gustatory terms.

to complete the liquid part for one kilogram of mix you will need 200 milliliters of our fermented krill, 30 milliliters of propylene glycol, 5 milliliters of a good sour fruity aroma of your choice and 5 milliliters of sweetener.

mix the liquid ingredients together and insert them directly into the kilogram of flour, mix and let it absorb well.

at this point add one egg at a time (you will need about 5) until you reach the right consistency to extrude and roll.

I always recommend steam cooking for this type of bait with a very marked taste, because the aromatic nuances are better preserved. 20mm baits should steam for about 7 minutes.

I leave you in the gallery of my article on the blog of the site www.thebaitguru.it/blog the gallery of images with the products used.


Enjoy the reading.