I started carp fishing in 1992 and it has been the greatest passion of my life.

At the end of the 1990s I became the official tester for Italy of the historic Richworth company, the inventors of the ready-made, the brand that fascinated me most of all.

I wanted to discover their secrets and production techniques.

At the beginning of 2000, I helped found Big Fish, a brand that was a leader in the sector, in Italy, until 2015.

For Big Fish, I developed mixes, researched bait products and developed excellent ready-made products in collaboration with Richworth, who made them.

I personally met Fred Wilton, the father of the boilie and I had the fortune to exchange many letters with him where he told me his points of view.

In 2012 I produced the ready made boilie under my own name, the result of my own research, development and production.

I then retired due to serious family problems.

In this book I have concentrated all my knowledge and the things I have learned and discovered in 20 years of continuous growth and study.

English is not my birth language, and this book is certainly not dedicated to the English pioneers of this discipline who would probably find many grammatical errors and mistakes in it.

I thought and wrote it for all those European carp anglers who live in countries where this type of fishing is booming.

I recommend you read it because it is full of ideas from which you can start your own way of designing and creating the bait of your dreams.

Creating your own boilies allows you to pursue the dream of a big catch with the satisfaction of having done it all yourself! And that's the beauty of self-made!



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