How to make a simple sweet bird food ingredient self made

Experiment and do it yourself. A passion within a passion. This leads us to create ingredients at home that we can buy already made.


Ornithological feed are a prime example of a functional product that is easy to buy at the right price and does not justify self-made development.


In spite of this, I receive dozens of messages asking me how to develop a homemade product with ingredients readily available at super markets and fishing shops.


In my book "Boilies", the subject will be dealt with in a very technical way, with  complete and tested recipes.


As for the bait guru pill, we will treat the subject in a very simple way, using only solid ingredients (powder or flour), without having to mix micro elements.


This first pill is dedicated to the development of a sweet dry bird food, to be used in all those nutty mixes or sweet characterisations and to create a "light birdfood" which we will talk about shortly.


The volume ingredients are three types of biscuit, which can be bought in large retailers at discount prices, and which alone account for 60% of the project.


This will not be highly intrusive, but an ingredient to be used at a maximum of 40% in the finished mixture. For this reason it does not possess any marked rolling qualities.


The recipe, with ingredients dosed to make one kilogram :


   -200 grams of Bread crumbs


   -200 grams of "Amaretto" biscuits (almond biscuits)


   -200 grams of egg biscuits (Savoiardo is the best choice)


   -150 grams of powdered sugar cane molasses (raw sugar called "muscovado")


   -100 grams of glucose powder


   -50 grams of carpix or brasem Sensas pasture additive


   -50 grams of vitamin C powder


   -30 grams of black cumin seeds


   -20 grams of niger seeds


Obviously, the biscuits should be micronised to the grain size you prefer, although there are appropriate considerations to be made which will be well analysed in the book.


The seeds are added whole at the end of the process of mixing the other ingredients.


Photos of ingredients in the gallery

In the book 'Boilies' you can find recipes for professional self-made ingredients


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