The attractive power of squid ink.

The attractive power of squid ink.

Cephalopods (cuttlefish, squid and octopuses) produce a thick, dark, organic-rich liquid with which they defend themselves from predators. It is a composite substance composed of amino acids, amines, TMAs, sugars and organic acids. The intention is to hide from the predator and deceive his senses of taste and smell with the ink, which is very tasty and attractive. Its constituent substances are in fact powerful water-soluble appetite stimulants. This is why I developed mixes, baits and liquid food containing this chemical back in 2003. I have known this ingredient since I was a child because it is part of the traditional cuisine of Veneto, the region of Italy where I live. The mix was called black fish mix and was a birdfood mix with milk derivatives, very digestible and amazing in water, to which soluble fish protein and squid ink powder had been added. You can create an effective liquidfood flavour simply with two ingredients. You can use fermented Thai fish sauce as a base and dissolve the ink in it.

Fish sauce (Tiparos or Squidbrand) is a fermented sauce of small fish left to dissolve in salt in the sun.

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This process, which takes at least 12 months, melts the meat, skin and all the tissues of the animal, turning them into a thick, tasty, salty liquid that is used for human consumption. Don't think it's disgusting! You can even make it at home with the ancient recipe of the Roman legionnaires! The sauce can easily be bought cheaply in ethnic grocery shops. Squid and cuttlefish ink is a typical food product produced in Italy and Spain, used for rich and tasty pasta dishes. You can certainly buy it online. To create the liquid food you just need to add 10 grams of powdered ink for every 100 ml of fish sauce. you can dose this solution starting from 20 ml. per kilogram of mix, rising up to 100 ml. to create very hydrated and technical boilies.